European Journal of Histochemistry

The byssus threads of Pinna nobilis: A histochemical and ultrastructural study Neurodegeneration in zebrafish embryos and adults after cadmium exposure Expressions of IL-6, TNF-α and NF-κB in the skin of Chinese brown frog... Vitamin D and vitamin D receptor in patients with ophthalmic pterygium MIAQuant, a novel system for automatic segmentation, measurement, and... Effects of different rearing temperatures on muscle development and... DNA damage in acute myeloid leukemia patients of Northern Mexico Incubation under fluid dynamic conditions markedly improves the...

Vol 61, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents

Original Papers
Lucia Aidos, Luisa M. Pinheiro Valente, Vera Sousa, Marco Lanfranchi, Cinzia Domeneghini, Alessia Di Giancamillo

Abstract views: 172 | PDF: 36 | HTML: 2
Andrea Diana, Marcella Reguzzoni, Terenzio Congiu, Antonio Rescigno, Federica Sollai, Mario Raspanti

Abstract views: 192 | PDF: 133 | HTML: 4
Elena Casiraghi, Mara Cossa, Veronica Huber, Licia Rivoltini, Matteo Tozzi, Antonello Villa, Barbara Vergani

Abstract views: 296 | PDF: 62 | MIAQuant user Manual: 7 | MIAQuant source code: 5 | HTML: 2
Cristina Maxia, Daniela Murtas, Michela Corrias, Ignazio Zucca, Luigi Minerba, Franca Piras, Cristiana Marinelli, Maria Teresa Perra

Abstract views: 275 | PDF: 70 | HTML: 4
Liqin Xi, Chen Wang, Pengyu Chen, Qi Yang, Ruiqi Hu, Haolin Zhang, Qiang Weng, Meiyu Xu

Abstract views: 268 | PDF: 64 | HTML: 3
Antonio Monaco, Teresa Capriello, Maria C. Grimaldi, Valentina Schiano, Ida Ferrandino

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Brief Reports
Martha I. Dávila-Rodríguez, Elva I. Cortés-Gutiérrez, Roberto Hernández-Valdés, Karla Guzmán-Cortés, Rosa E. De León-Cantú, Ricardo M. Cerda-Flores, Enrique Báez-De la Fuente

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Technical Notes
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