European Journal of Histochemistry

Histochemical and morphological aspects of fresh frozen bone: a... RXRα is upregulated in first trimester endometrial glands of spontaneous... Non-invasive imaging demonstrates clinical features of ankylosing spondylitis... The injury of serotonin on intestinal epithelium cell renewal of weaned... 3-Hydroxi-anthranilic acid is early expressed in stroke Hormone receptor expression in human fascial tissue Aortic dissection is associated with reduced polycystin-1 expression, an... High temperature requirement A1 and fibronectin: two possible players in... In vivo imaging techniques: a new era for histochemical analysis Varying effects of EGF, HGF and TGFβ on formation of invadopodia and... Transmission electron microscopy for nanomedicine: novel applications for...

Vol 60, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents

Original Papers
J. Knabl, A. Vattai, R. Hüttenbrenner, S. Hutter, M. Karsten, U. Jeschke

Abstract views: 262 | PDF: 58 | HTML: 18
N. Accart, J. Dawson, F. Kolbinger, I. Kramer, N. Beckmann

Abstract views: 233 | PDF: 73 | HTML: 18
C. Fede, G. Albertin, L. Petrelli, M.M. Sfriso, C. Biz, R. De Caro, C. Stecco

Abstract views: 427 | PDF: 106 | HTML: 20
A. Makowiecka, A. Simiczyjew, D. Nowak, A.J. Mazur

Abstract views: 28 | PDF: 31 | Supplementary: 8 | HTML: 15
J. Feng, S. Ge, L. Zhang, H. Che, C. Liang

Abstract views: 70 | PDF: 19 | HTML: 14
A. Mangas, J. Yajeya, N. González, I. Ruiz, M. Geffard, R. Coveñas

Abstract views: 57 | PDF: 21 | HTML: 13
Y. Dong, C. Yang, Z. Wang, Z. Qin, J. Cao, Y. Chen

Abstract views: 52 | PDF: 20 | HTML: 27
Brief Reports
G. Tossetta, C. Avellini, C. Licini, S.R. Giannubilo, M. Castellucci, D. Marzioni

Abstract views: 227 | PDF: 25 | HTML: 20
F.S. De Ponte, G. Cutroneo, R. Falzea, G. Rizzo, L. Catalfamo, A. Favaloro, G. Vermiglio, M. Runci, A. Centofanti, G. Anastasi

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Views and Comments
A. Busato, P. Fumene Feruglio, P.P. Parnigotto, P. Marzola, A. Sbarbati

Abstract views: 100 | PDF: 26 | HTML: 13
Manuela Malatesta

Abstract views: 23 | PDF: 13 | HTML: 8
Carlo Pellicciari

Abstract views: 54 | PDF: 26 | HTML: 22
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