Ontogenic development of corticotrophs in fetal buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) pituitary gland

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M. A. Sandhu *
A. A. Saeed
M. S. Khilji
R. H. Pasha
N. Mukhtar
M. S. Anjum
(*) Corresponding Author:
M. A. Sandhu | mansoorsandhu@uaar.edu.pk


To evaluate the subpopulation of corticotrophs in developing buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) fetus, recovered pituitary glands (n=6 per group) from late first, second and third gestational female buffalo dams. The corticotrophs were identified by using specific antibodies against proopiomelanocortin (POMC) and adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) through immunohistochemistry. There was a significant (P≤0.05) increase of immunoreactive (ir) ir-ACTH cells during late 2nd trimester while, ir-POMC cells were more (P≤0.05) at late 3rd trimester of gestation as compared to other age groups. The quantity of co-localized cells for POMC and ACTH was significantly (P≤0.05) greater at the end of 1st gestation rather than 2nd and 3rd gestational fetal adenohypophyseal cells. This study is the first to demonstrate co-localization of POMC+ACTH and the affect of gestational age on the expression of these cells in buffalo fetus adenohypophysis.

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