Embedding cell monolayers to investigate nanoparticle-plasmalemma interactions at transmission electron microscopy

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Manuela Costanzo
Manuela Malatesta *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Manuela Malatesta | manuela.malatesta@univr.it


Transmission electron microscopy is the technique of choice to visualize the spatial relationships between nanoconstructs and cells and especially to monitor the uptake process of nanomaterials. It is therefore crucial that the cell surface be preserved in its integrity, to obtain reliable ultrastructural evidence: the plasmalemma represents the biological barrier the nanomaterials have to cross, and the mode of membrane-nanoconstruct interaction is responsible for the intracellular fate of the nanomaterials. In this paper, we describe a simple and inexpensive method to process cell monolayers for ultrastructural morphology and immunocytochemistry, ensuring consistent preservation of the cell surface and of the occurring interactions with nanoparticles of different chemical composition.

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