Morphology, clearing efficacy, and mTOR dependency of the organelle autophagoproteasome



The interplay between autophagy (ATG) and ubiquitin proteasome (UP) cell-clearing systems was recently evidenced at biochemical and morphological levels, where subunits belonging to both pathways co-localize within a novel organelle named autophagoproteasome (APP). We previously documented that APP occurs at baseline conditions, while it is hindered by neurotoxicant administration. This is bound to the activity of the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR), since APP is stimulated by mTOR inhibition, which in turn, is correlated with cell protection. In this brief report, we provide novel, morphological and biochemical evidence on APP, suggesting the presence of active UP subunits within ATG vacuoles. Although a stream of interpretation considers such a merging as a catabolic pathway to clear inactive UP subunits, our data further indicate that UP-ATG merging may rather provide an empowered catalytic organelle.



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Autophagy, proteasome, LC3, Beclin 1, P20S, alpha-synuclein, transmission electron microscopy, confocal microscopy
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