Adipose-derived stem cells - Methods and protocols


This book is pleasing the reader already by the Authors’ preface. It is one in a million case to find a figure or a graph in the foreword presentation of a book. Here, Professors Gimble and Bunnell decided to give a warning to the reader about the increasing relevance that the topics covered by the book is playing in the life sciences researches: they simply decided to show the ISI Web of knowledge annual publications and citations for adipose stem cells. Clear enough, the statistics is impressive: few papers in 2000, nearly 600 in 2009 and 2010. The same pattern is present in the citations per year, quite a few in 2000 – 2001 and something like 12,000 in 2010 ! I think that these numbers justify the idea to have a volume devoted to cover all of the topics related to these intriguing stem cell type, likely originating from a perivascular histological niche within highly vascularized fat tissue. The book is divided in four parts.......


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