Transgenic mouse - Methods and protocols, 2nd edition


Marten H. Hofner (from the Dept. of Pathology of the Groningen University) and Jan M. van Deursen (from the Mayo College of Medicine at Rochester, MN, USA) provided us with the valuable second edition of Transgenic mouse: in fact, eventhough we are in the –omics era and already equipped with the state-of-the-art techniques in whatsoever field, still we need to have gene(s) functional analysis data to understand common and complex deseases. Transgenesis is still an irreplaceable method and protocols to well perform it are more than welcome. Here, how to get genetic modified mice (the quintessential model of so many human deseases considering how much of the human genes are conserved in the mouse and the great block of genic synteny existing between the two genomes) is analysed in deep and presented in clearly detailed step by step protocols....


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