Vol 45, No 1 (2001)

Published: 2009-12-24

Nuclear changes in pathogen-infected tomato roots

G Lingua, G D’Agostino, A Fusconi, G Berta

Cellulose in algal cell wall : an “in situ” localization

B Baldan, P Andolfo, L Navazio, C Tolomio, P Mariani

Dipeptidyl peptidase IV in two human glioma cell lines

A Sedo, R Malík, K Drbal, V Lisá, K Vlasicová, V Mares

DNA aberrations in urinary bladder cancer detected by flow cytometry and fish: prognostic implications

AM Cianciulli, R Bovani, C Leonardo, F Iori, AM Coletta, R Marzano, A Antenucci, GM Gandolfo, C Laurenti

Fluorescent RT in situ PCR detection of MRP1 mRNA in human HCV infected liver

L Pascolo, S Bogoni, A Spanò, E Demori, A Amoroso, S Crovella